ASD Market Week, Catch All Details About 2019 Tradeshow

The Best Wholesale Merchandise Commercial Tradeshow, ASD Market Week-Las Vegas!

ASD Market Week is a golden platform which exhibits new and innovative products to commercialize on the retail price and allows the retailers to come, visit and buy the products. Thus, it provides you a golden chance to merchandize products in front of thousands of industrialists, retailers, and attendees. Moreover, ASD is the only tradeshow that delivers about 100 seminars on education about business.

If we talk about the origin,  in 1961 when this tradeshow was established,  ASD meant  “Associated Surplus Dealers”.

Whereas, now,  ASD refers to Affordable Shopping Destination.


ASD Market set up twice a year, firstly in July and secondly in August.

Twice a year, from all over the world, people come to Las Vegas for ASD Market Week. As per ASD Market’s vision, ASD states that “We Succeed Only When You Succeed” referring to the idea that ASD is the best trade show which set up all in one, the best platform for the exhibition and merchandising of the products proposed by thousands of developers. ASD Market, no doubt, provides you a wholesale market week where you can explore cents of products and merchandise the products.

ASD refers to ALL-IN-ONE tradeshow, here you can look for a diverse range of desired creative products of your daily life use.  Everything you need from a departmental store or convenience store, general store or gift store, grocery store or a fashion hub, ASD provides you every store under one roof.

ASD market week proves to be the best retail outlet which keenly merchandises the products, allow the exhibitors, retailers, vendors, buyers, and attendees to foster business collaborations which each other. Moreover, they are allowed to attend business educational seminars in which they are taught the innovative ideas to manage, explore, enhance and expand the business in keen ways.

ASD provides a golden set for retailers from all over the world to explore cents of products and merchandise them in their stores on retail prizes as per their own preferences.

Hence, ASD is ab all-inclusive platform providing a number of benefits to the retailers, and product developers.

Moreover, the ASD market allows retailers to learn how to enhance their retail business by meeting with the retail industry experts. The Retail industry experts offer them keen and efficient ways to increase the sale rate online, to drive traffic in stores, and to enhance other general business techniques.

What Section does ASD provide you?

There are many sections designated individually to the Exhibitors and the Attendees.

In the Craft Demo section at ASD, you can explore 20+ newly emerged creative craft brands proposed by a number of craft industrialists.

Special hours on Sunday night designated to the buyers and exhibitors. You can have free beer, enjoy live entertainment and can also shop in SourceDirect.

ASD provides attendees to have a meeting with the industry experts to ensure all of your private label necessities.

ASD provides also a shark-tank setting to CBD, Hemp, Vape, Health, and Cannabis industry owners to come in front of each other and decide where to invest. Moreover, you can also explore the Cannabis family which may prove to be perfect medical remedies.

ASD also entertains the attendees and vendors. ASD designates a number of shows, concerts and much more to entertain the vendors and buyers.

Trade Show Categories

  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Baby & Children’s Products
  • Gifts & Souvenirs
  • Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
  • Novelties
  • General Merchandise

Here you will find: Gift & Home accessories stores, Fashion Accessories stores, Apparel & Footwear stores, Jewelry stores,  Health & Beauty, Toys & Novelty,flower shops, grocery stores, hardware stores, luggage stores, party and paper stores, hotel/casino/cruise lines, souvenir stores, tattoo salons, hair salons, thrift stores, toy and hobby stores. General Merchandise, and SourceDirect, gift shops, drug stores, convenience stores, and college & university gift stores.

Moreover, the best thing about ASD is that it provides the facility of Cash and Carry. Hence, you can buy any desired product and take it away to your home.


When will ASD Summer Market Held?

It will be a 4-day event.

Start: 28 July 2019

End: 31st July 2019

Where will ASD Summer Market held?

ASD Summer Market will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Address: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas NV, 89109

Who can Attend the Tradeshow?

As it is purely a business collaboration wholesale, tradeshow, only professional businessmen, fashion industrialists, and retailers are allowed to attend the ASD Market Week. Moreover, anyone less than the age of 16 is not allowed to attend the show. So, any professional can register to attend the show.

What are the Requirements to Register?

If you are a professional businessman and attending the tradeshow as a buyer, you need to prove your identity by providing your Business License or Sales Tax ID no.

If you want to register onsite you have to pay a $45, onsite registration fee. Moreover, you need to provide any of two from the following necessary documents:

  • Resale certificate
  • Company check or company credit card
  • Business license or Tax ID #
  • Business card

Once you have applied for registration wait for the confirmation email from the organizers. After the completion of your registration procedure, an email will be sent to your mail account informing you that you have successfully registered to attend the tradeshow.

After that, you will need to get a print out of your badge as it will be needed when you will go to attend the show.

Where to Stay?

ASD provides official hotel service for attendees. If you have decided to attend the show then you should book any of the official hotels of ASD. It also provides free pick and drops to the Convention center.

Let us sum up by saying that ASD Market Week is the all-in-one golden platform for business professionals, industrialists, and retailers from all over the world to come and foster business collaborations, exhibit their trendy products, and merchandise,  and also get a chance to learn more about retail business.

Conclusion-Why Attend the Show?

In ASD Summer Week, about 2700 vendors will exhibit trendy, innovative and desired products so that the merchants and retailers can choose the best for their stores to re-sale merchandise.

Hence, if you are a business professional and want to earn finely, or you want to explore newly emerged innovative products for your store, you must go and attend the ASD Market Week which held twice a year, in July and in August.


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