All You Need to Know About The Fashion and Beauty Expo “CosmoProf North America-Las Vegas 2019”


This Expo will be the 17th Edition of Cosmoprof which is surely the leading B2B Beauty event to held in North America. It proves to be a golden opportunity for the beauty and fashion industrialists to collaborate with each other and promote their products by displaying them in front of over 36,000 people, the attendees. However, it refers as  “Show-within-a-Show” to host more than 1500 companies; cosmetics supplies including ingredients and raw materials, machinery, contract and private both label manufacturing, and packaging.

cosmoprof show 2019

1-to-1 Beauty Matchmaking

It enables the attendees to seek and find the desired matches as proposed by the exhibitors. Moreover, it is less time consuming and provides quick access to the users to start networking with their chosen exhibitors based on their desired product matching criteria.


CosmoProf North America will be held in Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas in Nevada USA. It will begin on 28 July and end on 30 July 2019.


This three days event will provide a perfect platform for the expression and presentation of a number of pre-eminent products. These products will include:

  • Personal Care Accessories
  • Makeup Accessories
  • Cosmetics, Fitness Tools
  • Hairdressing Accessories
  • Perfumes and Fragrances
  • Hair Care Tools
  • Beauty Accessories
  • Nail Beauty Tools
  • Natural Health Tools


CosmoProf is an annual event and thus takes place every year providing the best opportunities to gain beneficial educational experiences and to connect with the leading minds of respective industries. Moreover, it appears to be a worldwide community by gathering and joining more than 30000 Beauty and Cosmetics Professionals. This event is no doubt a perfect exhibition platform of Beauty, Fashion and Health products.

So, if we talk about it, CosmoProf North America proves to be the one and only golden event which extensively exhibits all desired, required and new fashion, beauty, and health products, to take place in North America. Consequently, it is award-winning and business-to-business collaboration beauty event.

Moreover, his golden platform gathers over 12000 exhibitors from different countries worldwide with an expected range of 36000 attendees to explore the exhibited unique proposals including brand launches, new distribution channels, packaging, manufacturing, and product innovations. Surely, Under the single roof of CosmoProf, you can explore everything regarding beauty, health and fashion industries and the products they manufacture for you.

cosmoprof show 2019 Vegas



It exhibits the best beauty products, cosmetics, skin care products, toiletries, fragrances, organic beauty products. Moreover, it showcases such accessories specialized with retail channel distributors. Though, this section is basically for public consumers rather than professionals. Moreover, in this section, you can look for a diverse range of fine cosmetics and personal care products proposed by different manufacturers from all over the world including the US, Asia, Europe, and South America.


In this section, the attendees can have an array of salon beauty products. Though, it is devoted to the professional industrialists and providers of cosmetics. It exhibits every desired salon accessory including hair care tools, hair colors, styling products, furniture, styling equipment, and tools, and attires. Moreover, this section exhibits the products and services proposed for sale so that licensed professionals can use these for salon or spa settings, or distributors can buy these as well.

Hence, this section provides a golden opportunity for international, domestic distributors and wholesalers or buyers of salon products and equipment to expand their company’s range and get perfect business deals.


This section is devoted to the beauty products suppliers who are passionately serving the industry.

As CosmoProf North America is the leading B2B Beauty event, surely, it exhibits new, unique and best-desired beauty brands and products from all over the world. Hence, this section provides the privilege to the packaging suppliers. Moreover, in this section, the packaging companies, contract manufacturers, and private label companies get the chance to connect with key west coast buyers.

Moreover, this section exhibits everything from raw materials to the product development tools and procedures and packaging to private label companies. Consequently, it allows you to look for innovative ideas including best technologies, marketing angles, essential components to set up the beauty or fashion hubs and settings. It will also help to look for innovative packaging options. In short, this section leads the businessmen from conceptions to creativity.


  • Country Pavilions
  • Discover Beauty Spotlights
  • Discover Pack
  • Emerging Beauty 
  • Discover Green
  • The Beauty Varieties
  • Discover Beauty
  • Tones of Beauty


The event is not for public rather it is for beauty and fashion industrialists as mentioned below:
  • Manufacturers (non-exhibiting)
  • OTC/Beauty Retailers
  • Packaging Vendors or Suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Beauty Procurement/Purchasers
  • Chain Salon Buyers
  • Department Store Buyers
  • Distributors
  • Drug Store Buyers
  • Importers/Exporters
  • International Buyers
  • Investment Companies
  • Retail Buyers
  • Salon/Spa Owners
  • Specialty Store Buyer
  • Transportation/Shipping Logistics
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Beauty Industry Consultants
The above-mentioned business persons have to present identity proof; a photo I.D. along with any of the following documents:
  • Business Card
  • Professional Beauty Association Membership Card (Las Vegas Spa Associated)
  • Business license or tax Identity Card (Beauty Industry Affiliated)
  • Salon or Spa Business License


  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • Spain

Whereas, over 7,000 exhibitors will participate in the show, belonging to 50+ countries from all over the world.  Moreover, over 36,0000 attendees or visitors will attend 2019 CosmoProf North America from about 1000 countries worldwide.

CosmoProf North America (CPNA) is known for its dynamic growth and exhibition of unique programs, brands, and products. This event allows the entire industry to come along and have a diverse range of new conceptions and ideas which can surely lead them to creativity. Hence, the fashion and beauty industrialists can promote their business connections and extend their business as well. 
No Doubt, this show provides a golden platform that owns the support and presence of Leading Beauty Associations and Industrialists.

So, if you belong to Fashion or Beauty Industry or a Salon/Spa Owner, you must attend this spectacular event. This 17th CosmoProf event will be surely the best to promote fashion and beauty business collaborations.

Moreover, it is strictly directed that Cash and Carry Sale is not allowed in CosmoProf.

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