Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | 2019 | Prequel to 1982 Film “The Dark Crystal”

The 1982 Film, “The Dark Crystal” is Going to Mark its Return in the Form of Web Series, On Netflix!

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Genre : (Fantasy/Sci-fi/Adventure)

Release: The Series is Set to Release on August 30, 2019, only 0n Netflix.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a prequel to 1982 film The Dark Crystal. The story of the series has been set a thousand years ago before the happenings of 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. The series follows a story-line according to which the world of Thra is at the stake of death. The only hope which is enlightened by 3 Gelflings is that they find a way to fight with the danger. The 3 Gelflings will encourage a rebellion against the dark power holder, Skeksis. Skeksis is the antagonist of the series.

On the way to figure out about the truth, Gelflings will have to reach The Truth Crystal which is situated at the heart of Thra. Unfortunately, The Truth Crystal which is the source of Gelflings’ powers has been damaged by Skeksis. Now, the Gelflings will have to set on an adventure to get the Truth Crystal and know about a horrifying secret about their existence and power.

Thra is a fictional world which inhabits a species called Gelflings. The series focuses on the heroic efforts and adventures of 3 Gelflings named Rian, Brea, and Deet on the way to save their world from dying.                            Whereas, who is the rebellion that will fight against the evil Skeksis in saving the world of Thra is still hidden undercover.

Let’s have a glimpse of The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance!

Official TRAILER :

 To Know How the Gelflings will Save their World, Must Watch the Series which is Set to Release on August 30, 2019, only on Netflix!


The main characters of the series include:

Rian, a Gelfling of the Stonewood Clan whose role is played by Taron Egerton

Brea, a Gelfling of the Vapra Clan whose role is played by Anya Taylor-Joy

Deet, a Gelfling of the Grotten Clan whose role is played by Nathalie Emmanuel

Aughra, the embodiment of the planet Thra

SkekSo the Emperor of the Skeksis

The Skeksis Scientist

 SkekZok, the Skeksis Ritual Master AKA High Priest

SkekSil, the Skeksis Chamberlin

The names of the cast of the characters including Aughra, SekSo, The Seksis Scientist. Skekzol, Skeksil are to be revealed yet.

While the Recurring Characters Includes:

Fizzgig, a friendly yet easily angered creature

Vliste-Staba, the Sanctuary Tree of Grot

SkekMal, the Skeksis Hunter

SkekOk, the Skeksis Scroll Keeper AKA The Historian

SkekEkt, the Skeksis Ornamentalist

 SkekAyuk, the Skeksis Gourmand

 SkekVar, the Skeksis General

Whereas the rest of the characters are yet to be revealed.


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