All you Need to Know About the Dark Comedy Web TV Series “Dead to Me”

Netflix’s Dark Comedy Web Television Series “Dead to Me” will Hit the Screen Again with its Season 2 in 2020!

DEAD TO ME ( An American Web TV Series )

Genre (Dark Comedy)


Dead to Me, an American Dark Comedy Season 1 released on 3 May 2019, on Netflix. The series follows the storyline based on the emotional and friendship bond of two ladies with a dark secret hidden underneath. The two ladies named Jen Harding and Judy Hale, respectively.

Dead To Me

In season 1, viewers witnessed that Jen’s husband died in an accident. After the death of her husband, Jen felt lost. On the other hand, Judy appears to be a free-spirited lady who eventually becomes a friend of Jane. However, Judy owns a dark secret about which Jane was unaware. As the series progresses ahead, Judy’s dark secret came out as she was the one who hit Jane’s husband in a car accident. Judy instead of helping him out ran away and therefore Jane’s husband died on accident spot.

However, this drastic truth brings many turns and twists in Jane’s and Judy’s lives. The series follows the dramatic sequences of their lives which the fate and destiny have set for them. It is highly coincidental that the Judy who was the reason behind Jane’s sorrow becomes Jane’s comfort zone and emotional support. The series’ dramatic sequences are worth praising as it turns the storyline into a comic version as well as perfectly it is about grief and pain.


Surely, Dead to Me is all about the sorrow and grief which death of a beloved brings in life. It is the perfect illustration of life and death. The series follows the circumstances in which Jane’s emotional breakdown occurred, as her pain brought intense gloominess in her life, the way she searched every possible place for her husband’s killer and how she managed to survive and cope with all the traumatic moments.

No doubt, Jane managed to come over her pain with the support of Judy. Judy in spite of the fact that she killed Jane’s husband, proves to be the best friend of Jane as she provided her the strongest shoulder to cry on and leave all of her worries over there feeling relaxed having her emotional support.

As life appears to be the name of coping up with sudden incidents including death, losing loved ones, emotional breakdowns, friendships, hatred, betrayal, lies, love, and sex. Therefore, the series “Dead to Me “proves to be the best portrayal of life.

WILL  Dead to Me SEASON 2 START IN 2020?

As Dead to Me Season 1 received good reviews from viewers and critics. Therefore, makers have set the series to renew for its Season 2.

Now, the most awaited moment for the viewers is the release of Dead to Me Season 2. As per the news, the production of season 2 has already begun. Hence, as per expectation, it will hit the screen in 2020.

Christina Applegate as Jen Harding, Linda Cardellini as Judy Hale, Max Jenkins as Christopher Doyle, Sam McCarthy as Charlie Harding, Luke Roessler as Henry Harding, and Edward Asner as Abe Rifkin, the cast and characters from season 1 will reprise their roles in Season 2.

However, Dead to Me Season 2 will bring some new characters as well.  So, viewers need to get ready for new spiced-up turns and twists to encounter in Dead to Me Season 2 in 2020.


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