Gentleman Jack, A Perfect Illustration of Homosexuality!

Gentleman Jack proves to be a perfect illustration of homosexual people’s lives!


Genre (Historical/Drama)

US Release: 22 April 2019

UK Release: 19 May 2019

PLOT (Story Review)

The series centers the focus on the life of a lady, Anne Lister. The protagonist of the series, Anne Lister in spite of being a woman owns a masculine appearance and has a keen interest in other women. Anne Lister feels sexually attracted to other women. She believed in making love with other women instead of men. She appears to be the most fashionable lady of her time. The scenarios of series have set to take place in 1832.


In this series, Anne Lister. aged 41, takes the responsibility of Shibden Hall, an estate which has been inherited to Anne from her aunt.  Anne Lister has been indulged in a number of homosexual relationships. Unfortunately, all women ended-up leaving her to marry men may for love or money. Before returning back to home and holding on the responsibility of Shibden, Anne felt heartbroken as the lady whom she tried to chase and court, was not interested in women. However, Anne appears to be the kind of woman who does not believe in genders or sexes. She believes to be herself more than being a woman. While at Shibden, Anne Lister happened to meet a young, shy lady Ann Walker. As Anne is homosexual and likes to make love with other women, she started chasing Ann to marry her.

What Does the Title “Gentleman Jack” Really Mean?

Gentleman Jack refers to a slang used by society to call Anne Lister. Anne appears to be a man more than a woman. Moreover, she has a love interest in women as well, so people call her off as Gentleman Jack. The term Jack means Dyrke; Lesbian. As lesbian refers to a homosexual woman who feels sexually attracted to other women. However, the term Lesbian is not enough to point out her identity as she was more than a homosexual person. Hence, she just intended to be what she is and she likes to do; to be with women, regardless of her sex or gender which prohibits her from doing so.

The sex and gender; the biological identification, and essence of a woman, respectively, do not really choose a way of living for a woman. Therefore, Gentleman Jack proves to be the best to illustrate this idea and the series has been named under this title. Hence, the title perfectly symbolizes the storyline of the series.


Suranne Jones plays the role of  Anne Lister.

Ophie Rundle plays the role of Ann Walker

Joe Armstrong plays the role of Samuel Washington

Amelia Bullmore plays the role of Eliza Priestley

Rosie Cavaliero plays the role of Elizabeth Cordingley

Gemma Whelan plays the role of Marian Lister

Gemma Jones plays the role of Aunt Lister

Timothy West plays the role of Jeremy Lister

Tom Lewis plays the role of  Thomas Sowden

However, a lot more seems to be still concealed about Anne Lister. Stay in touch to know more about the remarkable homosexual lady, and dramatic sequences of her life!




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