Godzilla : The King of Monsters (2019)

Hold on to your Breaths as Hollywood Studio is once again to Scorch the Sci-Fi World By Presenting The King of Monsters “Godzilla” and Uproar the Epic Thrilling Actions on the Way to Save the World from World’s Most Treacherous God-sized Giant Monsters.

Godzilla : The King of Monsters (2019)

Genre (Thriller/Action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Godzilla 2019

Godzilla is a fictional monster character which has been filmed 35 times since 1954 till now. Godzilla: The King of Monsters is a sequel to Godzilla that was released in 2014 and also produced by Hollywood Studio.

RELEASE DATE : 31 May ,2019 

PLOT  (Film Review)

The story of Godzilla: The King of Monsters centers around a sci-fi world endangered with the rise of giant monsters.  A breath-taking and epic battle takes place which will cost the lives of every human as the world’s most treacherous and God-sized giant monsters have been awakened and rise to contend and take-over the world’s rule. This battle follows with a face-off  between God-sized giant creatures named Mothra , Rodan , and King Ghidorah , which seems to be world’s most treacherous giant monsters , and another giant creature “Godzilla”. Audaciousness of  a Crypto-zoological agency named Monarch is witnessed in this story , members of which, including Dr. Russell , Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham will face-off with Giant Monsters to rescue the world from danger.

To have a Glimpse of the Giant Monster, Godzilla Battling Against World’s Most Treacherous Giant Monsters, and Monarch Team Trying to Rescue the World from these Monsters, Watch the Trailer Given Below :

Official Trailer:



Kyle Chandler is playing the role of Dr. Mark Russell who is an animal behavior and communication specialist. He is an official worker at Monarch and has co-invented a device named Orca which is used to communicate with and control monsters. He owns hatred for giant monsters and especially for Godzilla. Despite of his hatred he joins hands with Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham to rescue the world , particularly his ex-wife and daughter ,from the wicked acts of giant and treacherous monsters.


She is playing the role of Dr. Emma Russell , Dr. Mark’s ex-wife and mother of Madison. She is a paleobiologist and also works for Monarch and is co-inventor of Orca. She oppose her ex-husband’s way of thinking as she believes that humans and titans (monster creations) can exist together in this world, peacefully. It is witnessed in the film that Dr. Emma Russell have been kidnapped along with her daughter by an organization who seems to be interested in her invention, “A way to communicate with monster creatures”, to use it for their own favor.


Millie is to play the role of Dr. Mark and Dr. Emma‘s 12 years old daughter named Madison. In the film, she appears to be capable of communicating with one of the giant monsters, Mothra.


Bradley is playing the role of Dr. Rick Stanton who is working at Monarch as a crypto-sonographer.


She is playing the role of Dr. Vivienne Grammar , who is paleozoologist working for Monarch. She has been also the part of Godzilla (2014).

Rest of the cast includes CHARLES DANCE ( as Clonal Alan Jonah ) , THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH (as  Dr. Sam Coleman ), AISHA HINDS ( as Colonel Diane Foster ), O’SHEA JACKSON JR ( as Jackson Barnes ) , DAVID STATHRIN (as William Stenz  ) , KEN WATANABE (as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa ) and ZHANG ZIYI ( as Dr. Ilene Chen and Dr. Ling ).

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