Grand Hotel (U.S Tv Series)

ABC to Unveil a Story of Concealed Truths and Scandals  Behind the Façade of a Perfect-Picture Exterior!


(An Upcoming American Television Series which is a Reboot of a Spanish TV Series names “Gran Hotel”)

PREMIERE DATE : 17 June 2019

grand hotel tv series 2019


Eva Longoria Executive’s Production ” Grand Hotel ” is a story about the concealed truths to be revealed; the black concealed truth and scandals behind the perfect-picture façade of the Grand Hotel. However, the black secrets and scandals are not really about the Grand Hotel building, but it is all about the people who belong to it. This story is based on a Spanish Tv Series but it comes to seen that this is quite different from the original one.

The Grand Hotel is situated in Miami Beach. The Grand Hotel is owned by Charismatic Santiago Mendoza. The other characters to be the part of this story, that is full of spoils of success, are Mendoza’s second wife and their adult children. On the other hand, this story also involves the loyal staff of Grand Hotel, and elite class guests indulged in the ma’s of luxuries and success. It will also be seen that Mendoza wants to sell his hotel but this decision will create a clash between him and his wife and children.

To Know What’s Hidden Behind the Perfectly Painted Façade of Grand Hotel Must Watch Grand Hotel which is set to premiere on 17 June at 10pm only on ABC.

Let’s have a Glimpse of this Rebooted TV Series, Grand Hotel :



Demián Bichir as Santiago Mendoza
Roselyn Sanchez as Gigi Mendoza
Denyse Tontz as Alicia Mendoza
Bryan Craig as Javi Mendoza
Wendy Raquel Robinson as Helen “Mrs. P” Parker
Lincoln Younes as Danny
Shalim Ortiz as Mateo
Anne Winters as Ingrid
Chris Warren as Jason Parker
Feliz Ramirez as Carolina
Justina Adorno as Yoli

Whereas the Recurring Cast Includes :

Jencarlos Canela as El Rey
John Marshall Jones as Malcolm Parker
Richard Burgi as Michael Finn
Adrian Pasdar as Felix
Katey Sagal as Teresa
Freddie Stroma as Oliver
Ken Kirby as Byron


It has been announced that 1st Episode will be premiered on 17 June, under the title of “Pilot” whereas the 2nd Episode will be premiered on 24 June, titled as ” Smokeshow“.


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