Halloween 2019 | Origin, History, Folklore and Modish Celebrations

Halloween, an Annual Celebration in Honor of Ghostbusters to be Celebrated this Year on 31st October 2019!

Celebration Date: 31st October 2019

History and Origin 

Halloween is a festival which is celebrated every year before the beginning of Winter, on the 31st of October. The term Halloween is the contracted form of Hallows’ Evening. Halloween is also known as Hallows’Eve, Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve. Halloween is being celebrated since the origin of Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. The people of the eighth century used to celebrate All Saints Day on November 1, every year. It is celebrated in honor of all the holy saints. This tradition was inaugurated by Pope Georgy III. After that, an evening before the All Saints Day was designated to the celebration of All Hallows’ Eve. The All Hallow’s Eve was later called as Halloween, a festival in which people wearing costumes lit bonfires wearing different scary costumes to scare-off ghosts.

Halloween 2019

The people of the eighth century used to be frightened by the ghosts especially with the start of winter. Winter was and still somehow, considered as the season of death. People used to think like, it is the dark season of the year which brings death in life. Every blooming entity begins to languish and a wave of gloom spreads, prevailing the cold effects of death on every living thing.

The Celtic people used to think a night before the new year the boundary line between the living and the other world, the dead world fades away and the ghosts come back to the living world. Thus, the frightened people used to lit fires by burning crops wearing costumes made up of animal skins and typically their heads. The animals were also sacrificed at the festival in honor of Celtic Gods. People gathered to lit the sacred borne fire and gave sacrifices in front of Celtic Gods to pray for protection from the dark season, winter and the gloominess it brings.

Purpose Behind Halloween 2019

The basic purpose of celebrating Halloween was to parry the ghosts from affecting the living world in the coming winter. Hence, the belief that winter is an uncertain and gloomy season which causes food shortage and other spoilers including people’s fear from dark and certainly, from ghosts kept growing.

However, people then, brought-up a tradition of wearing scary costumes to roam in streets making ghosts feel like they are not humans instead they are ghosts and placing food pots in front of their houses to keep ghosts away by appeasing them with food.

Notions of Halloween also includes fear from black cats, broken mirrors, spilled salt, and cracks on road. These are the superstitious beliefs which are thought to bring bad luck in life if encountered especially on Halloween.

The tales about Halloween brings up another concept attached with Halloween, a tradition following match-making. Young women used to trick different tasks on Holiday hoping that these will bring true love in their life. The young women used to think, may be by the next Halloween, they will get married or find the true love of their life by doing such tasks. The tasks include peeling apples over shoulders hoping to get their future husband’s initials in form of fallen peels, before sleeping, eating sugary concoctions made up from walnuts to get dreams of their future husbands. Standing in front of mirrors in dark rooms, waiting for their future husband’s appearance over their shoulders.

Rituals and Traditions

Moreover, it was also believed that the first to get a burr on chest-nut hunt would be the first who will marry. Then the rest or the first winner of apple-bobbing would marry first. All the rituals and traditions were thought to be fulfilled in the presence of souls who have returned to the real world back from the dark world.

However, Halloween 2019 traditions and rituals kept molding and changing with the progression of time. And now, many new versions of Halloween celebrations can be witnessed in various parts of the world based on their own cultural values and norms.

Halloween 2019 Celebrations


At the very beginning, the festival of Halloween was not celebrated all over the world. The beginning of harvest, winter was being celebrated involving parties and liting borne fires but Halloween was still not celebrated with its sacred rituals and traditions, worldwide. With the passage of times, Americans started adopting the Halloween festivities from Irish and English traditions, and thus Halloween began to be celebrated in various parts of the world.

A new tradition was inaugurated by Americans which involves in the celebrations of Halloween 2019 being dressed-up in scary suits and attires, going home to home asking for sweets or money. This tradition is still followed, worldwide, and known as Trick-or-Treat. Nowadays, people follow this tradition by doing pranks on people, particularly scaring those who refuse to give sweets on asking.

By the late 1880s, a movement for molding Halloween into a holiday started. It ended-up with brought-up of an altered form of Halloween which turns it into a Holiday.  By the start of 1900, Halloween lost all of his religious prestige and superstitious beliefs. Ghost stories, sacred prayers, and rituals diminished by then. It, then, seems to be all about a holiday mesmerized with get-to-gathers which includes festive costume wearing, partying, gaming, and seasonal foods. Trick-or-treat tradition was then adopted almost worldwide, as it sparks-up the joys of Halloween. As per this tradition, people are bound to give food to the costume wearing children or else they will get ticked by various frightening pranks by children.

Second Largest Holiday in USA

Nowadays, Americans spend thousands of dollars on Halloween celebrations every year. Thus, it has emerged as the second largest holiday celebration in America.

Hence, with the changing time, Halloween’s sacred rituals and traditions faded away. Now, Halloween is celebrated worldwide with intense excitement and enthusiasm. However, Halloween celebrations nowadays include costume wearing, parties, sweets sharing, and the most important, pranking. Ghosts stories are still somehow, being told and it is still believed that Halloween is celebrated to ward-off ghosts from the living world before the beginning of winter.

This year, in 2019, Halloween will be celebrated on Thursday 31st October.


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