Have a Look Deep Down the American Mystery Teen Drama “The Society”

Netflix’s Mysterious Drama TV Series The Society Brought up Several Spoils of Teen Life Stranded in an Alternate Reality!

The Society


Genre (Mystery/Teen Drama)

RELEASE: May 10, 2019


The Society focuses on the lives of a group of teenagers stranded in an alternate reality. The story set to take place in West Ham, Connecticut. The story began when some mysterious happenings started taking place in the town where the teenagers reside. However, the group of teenagers includes Allie, Becca, Sam, Helena, Will, Elle, Harry, Kelly, Gordie, Luke, Cassandra, and Campbell. All the teenagers set to go on an expedition but unfortunately had to return back hometown as they found the road ahead, blocked. When they returned back they found that everyone else from the town has disappeared leaving them all alone.

Though, the teenagers found themselves stranded in the town which appears to be existing in an alternate world rather than a real world. However, all of them tried to find a way out of this but all in vain. Thus, they decided to get settled in the town on their own.

Thus, the series follows their journey of settlement in the mysterious town surely, existing in an alternate reality. Though, in the viewers witnessed a lot of mess created by the teens including hunger for power, jealousy, love, and sex which cost their peace and lives. However, as the series progresses many secrets got revealed which affects the lives of the teenagers in drastic ways.



Kathryn Newton

She played the role of Allie Pressman. She is Cassandra’s younger sister.

Gideon Adlon

She played the role of Becca Gelb. She was Sam’s best friend. Becca became pregnant but hides her baby’s father name.

Sean Berdy

He played the role of Sam Eliot. Sam is Allie and Cassandra’s deaf cousin. Sam gave his name to Becca’s baby.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo

She played the role of Helena who was Luke’s religious girlfriend.

Jacques Colimon

He played the role of Will LeClair. He was Allie’s best friend.

Olivia DeJonge

He played the role of Elle Tomkins. Elle became Campbell’s girlfriend.

Alex Fitzalan

He played the role of Harry Bingham. Harry is the town mayor’s son.

Kristine Froseth

She Played the role of Kelly Aldrich. Kelly was Harry’s ex-girlfriend.

Jose Julian

He played the role of Gordie. Gordie liked Cassandra.

Alexander MacNicoll

He played the role of  Luke who is Helena’s boyfriend and former QB.

Toby Wallace

He Played the role of Sam’s elder brother, Campbell Eliot. Campbell is also Allie and Cassandra’s cousin. He appears to be a psychopath and also physically abuse Elle.

Rachel Keller

She played the role of  Cassandra Pressman. Cassandra is Allie’s elder sister. She had a congenital heart problem. However, as the series moves ahead, viewers witness the murder of Cassandra.

Many other characters appeared in the series as well.


However, the way season 1 of the series ended appears to be just the beginning of this mystical expedition.                   In the final episode of season 1, viewers witnessed  Allie and Will being stoned as they were accused to steal the election. Whereas, the rest of teenagers were trying to rebuild the town’s system based on new rules. On the other hand, viewers witnessed the real world, where on a wall, names of all the teenagers appeared to be listed as the missing ones. Hence, this left the viewers stuck in a mystery which may get resolved in the season 2 of the series. 

Well, it is yet to be confirmed that when season 2 will hit the screen. Stay tuned for more updates.

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