Killing Eve, All you Need to Know about a Hilarious British Spy Thriller TV Series

“Killing Eve” On Receiving Tremendous Applaud from Viewers and Critics Set to Recommence for its Season 3!


Genre ( Spy Thriller )

Killing Eve is a British Spy Thriller TV series. It is based on 2018 novel Codename Villanelle. The story of the series revolves around an intelligence officer named Eve Polastri, and a young psychopathic murderer named Villanelle.

Killing Eve 2019

SEASON 1 (Story Review)

In Season 1, the viewers witnessed, as per MI5 Officer, Eve’s research and theory the murderer responsible for the high-profile killings is a woman. However, the head officers did not believe her theory. Eve on her own started investigating the case. She tried to investigate the only witness of the murders without granting permission from her superiors. However, Eve succeeded in getting solid information about the murderer which proves her theory right, but the witness then got killed by the assassin. Because of such mishap, MI5 fired her from the job.  Fortunately, the head of MI6 hired her to trace the assassin, Villanelle.

On the way to trace and trap Villanelle, Eve came to face a number of hurdles. Villanelle killed many people in order to tangle Eve and escape from her as well. The series progresses with many hilarious turns and twists including the realization that Eve and Villanelle have become obsessed with each other.

However, at the end of Season 1, viewers witnessed the face-off between Eve and Villanelle. At that time both of the ladies confessed their obsession they feel towards each other. Another turn takes place in the series with the revelation of a fact that Villanelle is after the head of MI6, Carolyn.  However, Season 1 ended with a drastic turning point where Eve stabbed Villanelle but somehow, Villanelle managed to escape.

SEASON 2(Story Review)

Season 2 started right from there where the season ended. Eve tried to search Villanelle but she succeeded in running away saving herself. After that Eve gets to know that Villanelle was not the one who is behind the murders whereas, the assassin is some other woman. Eve named the other assassin as “The Ghost”. Killing Eve Season Eve took every step even beyond possibilities to track Villanelle. However, she succeeded in doing so but many drastic sequences took place along with. Hence, Season 2 of the series also involved in a number of hilarious turning points and twists which spice up the series with endless dramatic action.


Season 3 will be the turning head of the series as Eve’s future was left on the stake by the end of Season 2. Hopefully, Season 3 will begin its journey right from where the Season 2 ended. However, the series has been renewed for its Season 3 and now the fans are desperately waiting for the release of Killing Eve Season 3.

As per expectation, Season 3 will air in 2020. However, the release date is yet to be out.


SANDRA OH as Eve Polastri

JODIE COMER as Villanelle

FIONA SHAW as Carylon Martens

DARREN BOYD as Frank Haleton

OWEN MCDONNELL as Niko-Polastri


DAVID HEAGE as Bill Pargrave



SEAN DELANEY as Kenny Stowton

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