My Spy, 2019 Action-Comedy Film (Review)

American Action-Comedy Film “My Spy” Set to Revive Spark in Life By Presenting Story of a Rough Tough Undercover Agent and a Sparkling little Girl!

My Spy ( 2019 American  Film )

Genre ( Action/Comedy)
Release: 23 August 2019



Hollywood is presenting a new film, My Spy, which revolves around an inundate CIA agent who assigned to survive a family and ended up caught up by their 9 years old daughter. The CIA agent named JJ appears to be a desensitized policeman, who has forgotten about the immense joys of life. Eventually, JJ gets assigned on an undercover mission to spy a family by keeping a close eye over them. However, JJ’s cover gets unveiled as a 9 years old girl, Sophie caught him red-handed. Fortunately, Sophie intended not to disclose JJ in front of everyone in spite; she deals with him to teach him how to spy, in case he doesn’t want to be exposed.

Consequently, the rough, tough man, JJ’s life gets indulged with mesmerizing sparks of Sophie. Thus, Sophie leads him to enjoy the immense joys of life and have happy times with her.

Sophie revives the soft and happy inner part of JJ and gets him back to life, sparingly.

As a CIA operative, it is highly tough to live and maintain life as an ordinary person. Especially as an undercover agent, an officer has to keep his identity, wishes, desires and inner wills concealed under a cover from the world. Thus, it appears to be immensely difficult to maintain and enjoy life.

So, This movie proves to be the best to evoke such an idea that every person needs to lead a lively life, spark full and blissful.

It will be highly mesmerizing and intense to watch how Sophie will revive the impaired happiness of JJ.

Moreover. other then this, a lot more is concealed behind. Wait for the release to know all about the action-pack comedy filled American film, My Spy.



Dave Bautista 

He will play the leading role of JJ, a CIA operative. JJ set to surveil a family, but on being aught up red-handed by a 9 years old girl, Sophie, he on her demand agrees to teach her Spy lessons, and tricks.

Chloe Coleman 

She will play the other lead, Sophie, a 9 years old girl. Sophie is a sparkling, jolly, and full of life girl. She spots JJ spying over her family and tend not to expose him on a condition that he will teach him how to spy.

My_Spy__2019 CastMy_Spy__2019 Cast

Kristen Schaal 

She will play the role of Bobbi

Ken Jeong 

She will play the role of Kim

Parisa Fitz-Henley 

She will play the role of Kate

Devere Rogers

He will play the role of Carlos

Whereas the other cast and characters appear to be still hidden undercover. However, two more characters names are known, Nikki Hah,  and Jahi Di’Allo Winston, but their roles are still not defined.

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