Nevada’s Burning Man (Festival) isn’t Just a Festive Thing But in Itself a Whole Community!

Burning Man Event 2019  Annual Event Gathers More than 70000 People Every Year Exhibiting their Wild Spirits and Exploring Life Altogether from Peculiar Perspective!

What is the Burning Man Event?

Burning Man Event 2019 annually takes place in the Black Rock Desert, northwest Nevada. It is an annual get-to-gather of people from all over the world. Different People from different parts of the world gathers together and takes part in the Burning Man Event.

It is a 9-days gathering in which people from various places comes together and celebrate in different ways.


It is not a Festival Rather an Emergence of a Community, How?

However, it is just not a festive thing, it is far more than a festival. It is such a tremendous gathering which shape a community, altogether. The community forms a temporary city named as Black rock city.

It may refer to a global cultural movement which gathers people belonging to different places, cultures exhibiting different and unique conceptions.

Origin of this Event

This event was started 33 years ago in 1986. Larry Harvey and Jerry James organized an event at Baker Beach and inaugurated the ritual of burning a giant wooden sculpture called the “Burning Man”. Till now, it held annually held at Nevada Desert.

Current Organizer of Burning Man 2019

Now, a non-profit organization, the Burning Man Project organizes the Burning Man event every year at Nevada Desert.

What to do at Burning Man Event?

During these 9 days of this annual event, people exhibit different artistic expressions to amuse the rest of the community. Moreover, the whole community party together.

The best thing about the event is that there is No Money Rule. People have to bring goods and other necessary things from outside while coming to the event. Except for coffee and ice, there is nothing to buy.

Now, let us come to the most significant part of the event, the burning of the Temple,  a 65-foot wooden sculpture called the Burning Man. At the temple, people gather to perform scented prayers in the memory of their dead loved ones, past relationships. However, these rituals are being performed at the end of the event. The event closes with the burning of the giant wooden sculpture of Man.

When it Takes Place?

The Summer-end brings this auspicious event. This year, in 2019, the Burning Man event 2019 will take place from August 25 to September 2.

How People Survive There?

People on the event live in tents and camps and free to move around the temporary city erected by the community. People can freely use bicycles and scooters for their convenience. They can accommodate themselves with every necessary thing they need to survive in this temporary city. People on their own have to build the camps, bring food, water and every other necessary thing for their shelter. Afterward, they can bring all the things back with themselves as the event ends.


Who can Attend the Event?

Every year, thousands of people belonging to different ethnicity and even social class, altogether shape a community and celebrate the Burning Man event. The people who attend and join the Burning Man are known as the Burners. As per the report, In 2017 about 70000 people joined the Burning Man event. The Burners may include famous businessmen and celebrities or common civilians from all over the world. The famous personalities, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have been the Burners as they have attended the Burning Man event.

Burning Man Event

What is the basis of Event Celebrations?

There are 10 principles of the event which marks the celebrations. These 10 principles include radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leave no trace.

The Burners wear different costumes exhibiting their wild spirit. The costumes are usually the expression of their unique mentality, inner soul and culture. It creates a unique eye-catching effect and thus the Burners enjoy the community full of different, unique individual creative inner selves.

How much Does it Cost?

In 2016, as per CNBC estimate that the total cost of Burning Man’s attendees ranges from $1,300 to $20,000, including expenses of transportation, food, camps, costumes, and gifts.  In 2018, the cost of tickets for the event ranged from $425 to $1,200.

Theme for the Event

Every year, the event follows a particular and unique theme. The themes from the past few years are listed below:

2014 – Caravansary

2015 – Carnival of Mirrors

2016 – Da Vinci’s Workshop

2017 – Radical Ritual

2018 – I, Robot

Whereas, art theme of Burning Man 2019 is Metamorphoses which states that Everything changes, nothing perishes. It refers to the fact that “Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.” 

While at the event, the burners will have to follow and imply Metamorphosis’ rule in their lives exhibiting the fact that they can transform their selves in several positive ways.

Moreover, every year, the organizers also name the temple for the burning man differently. Below is the list of Temples of Burning from past few years:

2014 – The Temple of Grace

2015 – The Temple of Promise[

2016 – The Temple

2017 – The Temple

2018 – Galaxia

Whereas, the Temple of Burning in 2019 will be named as The Temple of Direction.

Why Attend the Event?

However, If you really want to know how immense and intense the Burning Man event is, you must have to go and attend the auspicious and unique communal event. It surely offers you to live your life in a new, strange and amusing way. The life full of fun, music, party, and scanted rituals and prayers. Consequently, there you will find a golden opportunity to closely explore your own self and other people from a distinctive perspective.

Hurry up to book tickets for the event and get the golden opportunity to be a part of this unique community. It is also, the best way to escape worries of life and to seek and learn about your life from a new perspect and point,

So, it has been clear what Burning Man actually is and how people from all over the world joins together for a communal celebration of life.

If you really want to explore life and express your inner self then must attend the Burning Man event. It will surely amuse you.

Starting Date: August 25, 2019

Date: September 2, 2019

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