Premiere Vision New York: One of The Biggest Fashion Show For Professionals

Premiere vision is one of the leading French company that has been organizing fashion and textile trade since 1973. It hosts the events for professionals and international fashion and textile industry. In many countries, premiere vision held their shows such as New York, Paris, and Istanbul.


However, here we’ll talk about the Priemere Vision, New York. I’m going to tell you all the details of the upcoming fashion event in America.

Premiere Vision New York

Premiere Vision new york launched in 2000 for the North America fashion professionals. In the event, the major five industries supply the services for two days. The even come together at the global fashion industry in New York City.
It is considered a complete and transversal offer with five sectors, five professions and one meet up.

Sectors of Premiere Vision New York

Five significant areas supply materials and services to the global fashion industry, such as Fabrics, Designs, Leather, Accessories, Manufacturing. That’s why it’s called a complete and transversal offer.

New York welcomes the vibrant and exciting trends in premiere vision fabrics two times in a year. It is the premier fabric event of the world and offers the fashion directions of the season some 18 months in advance. Therefore, it’s a unique place to do business and trend.

In premiere vision fabric, 125 exhibitors participated, and they are selected on the base of creativity. In fabric, all collections in a wide price range included such as laces, embroideries, suiting, silkies, woolens, knits, color wovens, and many more. Well, the platform invites you to select fabric and colors to discover the fashion conviction of the season.

Premiere Vision leather comes to meet your expectations. The event offers full range ultra creative leathers, sustainable development, and tailoring services for your products. It provides the best solution to meet the needs when you create you’re ready to wear leather products.

In premiere Vision leather, a wide range of leather and components bring that selected by committee carefully. The committee ensures the creativity, expertise, reactivity, production capacity, and friendly credentials for the companies.

The premiere Vision design is the creative spark of the show, which offers a rigorous selection for their latest collections of plans and patterns. Buyers will find the latest trends with significant themes in terms of decoration and motifs.

Premiere Vision Design offers a comprehensive and unique range of patterns, embroideries, motifs, knits, fabrics, vintage trends, etc. it is for all industry professionals for all sectors like men’s women’s children’s, toddler’s lingerie, sportswear, swimwear, accessories, etc.

Event organizes for all fashion leader across the world as well as for all segments of the fashion industry. Moreover, many professionals come here for inspiration.

The fantastic thing about Premiere Vision Design is that a welcome wall creates that illustrates the significant trends in the world of latest creations, highlighted exhibitors, and decoration. That’s a fun canvas with the best exhibitor collections.

The leading fashion show offers accessories and components for fashion and design. Premiere Vision Accessories is an indispensable value-added sector that proposes a wide range of industries.

In the accessories components, metallic and plastic accessories, Textile trims, embroidery and lace, buttons, Textile trims, labels and tags, ornaments, jewelry, and functional trims included.

That’s a creative, selective, and complete offer for fashion professionals. Exhibitors display their original collection twice a year at the Premiere Vision Accessories. Before presenting, the committee selects the exhibitors and provide the innovative and best quality accessories.

The forum represents the trends for the season’s color range. Every year trend book highlights the best collection in terms of texture along with color range.


So the fifth and last sector of Premier Vision is Manufacturing. This area has a unique link between the up and downstream sectors of the textile apparel industry.

Premiere Vision Manufacturing provides a bundle of logistical and technical solutions for brands, home textiles as well as leather goods.

For many years, the show has been providing a forum for fashion and manufacturers from Eastern, Western, and Central Europe and North Africa, Asia and America. They are providing mid to high range end apparel, home textile, and fashion accessories sectors.

This sector proves the importance of the show in the fashion industry, especially for decision makers, brands from highly luxury shops and department stores, and high volume fashion brands.

The venue of Premiere Vision New York

Premiere Vision New York event held at pier 94, 711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

Days  of the show

this two days show will be starting on 16th July 2019 and remained 17th July till 6 p.m.

Timing of the event

Opening timing of the show is 9 am – 6 pm.

Reservations for Hotels

Night Hotel Times Square provides the best services during this event. It located on 157 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036.
Here is the rate of the Premiere Vision
1. Superior Queen- $185
2. Superior King – $195
3. Standard Two Twin Beds – $220
4. Deluxe two Double Beds – $250
if you want to book a room, you can contact through email at or call at +1 212 768 3700 x 8322.


If you want to get your flights at a discount price for the leading fashion event then here best services for you
AIR France & KLM
For the booking using the Event ID code for booking: 34804AF
it is valid for a specific period from 7 July to 24 July 2019.
Reservation on:
this air service will provide you a 15 % discount.
United Airlines
Use promo code: Z123123456 and get your flight on discount price. It will be valid from 13th July to 20th July 2019.
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Programs of the Premiere Vision New York

Fashion Seminars
Four seminars will conduct on 16th July on Tuesday.

First one at 10;00 am: it will on trend testing New York FW 2021 that will all about the color highlights. In the seminar, fashion professionals learn about exclusive color combinations for every kind of outfit.

Second seminar at 11:00 am: It will about season highlights and focus on fabrics, accessories, and patterns.

Third seminar at 12:00 pm: In the Trump era, US war is unpredictable, so this seminar will about the US war on trade and its impact on the fashion industry. Especially seminar will examine the US-China War situation.

Fourth Seminar at 1;00 pm: In Winter 2021, the sport will be considered a matter of protection. So the fourth seminar will all about it. Get the Passes here for these seminars.

Smart Talks

First Talk at 2:00 pm: in this talk, CFDA’s sustainability resource hub will be discussed.

Next talk session at 3:10 pm: this session will tell about the interconnected sustainability in which company values, customers, investors, and operational efficiencies included.

Last and third talk of the first day at 4 pm that will elaborate the regenerative future, talk about the fashion beyond zero impact.

                            On 17th July, Wednesday

Fashion Seminar
S5 at 9:30 am: the seminar name is Sport and Street SS21
in this seminar, we will see the sport and street trend for markets. All details will be discussed here such as materials, patterns, colors, etc.

S6 at 10;30 am: here they will elaborate the wearable fashion and its future.

S7 at 11:00: trend testing about season highlights

S8 at 12:00n pm. The last seminar will tell fashion professionals about incorporating initiatives in contemporary fashion.

Smart Talks

First, at 1 pm on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
this foundation brings vital industry stakeholders to create an economy for clothing.

At 1:45 pm, a conversation will talk about the new systems: for design and business models.

So the last talk at 2;50 pm that about the Design the change. Ralph Lauren strategy will represent Global citizenship and sustainability.

Here is the link for registration of Premiere Vision New York event

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