Robert the Bruce | An Epic Historical Drama Film | 2019

“Robert the Bruce” Another Braveheart to Save Scottish People from England! “Robert the Bruce” is a sequel to 1995 film “Braveheart” which was also an Epic Historical Film.

Robert the Bruce

RELEASE:  The World Premiere of Robert the Bruce will take place at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 23 June 2019.Whereas on June 28, 2019 it will be released in UK.

Robert the Bruce 2019

Robert the Bruce was a Scottish King who ruled over Scotland from 1306 until his death in 1329. He was the man who fought against England and won the freedom of Scots from English people. This film is thus a tribute to him to re-alive his efforts, struggle and valor which he showed in service of his country and nation.


Robert the Bruce , an historical drama is a sequel to 1995 film “Braveheart” which was also an Epic Historical Drama Film. Braveheart covers the story of William Wallace‘s struggle and fight against English People to win freedom and peace of Scotland.

Now, after 23 years, its sequel “Robert the Bruce” is ready to scorch the world with endless action rolled with intense emotions which binds a nation together to win their freedom and peace. Robert the Bruce is an epic historical drama film which depicts the story of a noble man Robert the Bruce who then became a heroic figure as he saved his people from the exploitation of English people proving himself a real Scottish patriot.

The film covers the life journey of Bruce from being a noble man to become the king of Scotland. The film is also a depiction of patriotic spirits which binds a nation to their homeland and evoke love and devotion for their country in their hearts. The film follows Robert the Bruce’s emotional binding with his nation and how he instead of loosing hope, returns back to fight with more enthusiasm which will lead him to victory against England. This is how he will become the Savior, Hero and King of Scotland.

The film “Braveheart” ended where Bruce save Wallace from English people, then Robert the Elder imprisoned Wallace but still his only spell was “Freedom!”. After a number of dramatic sequences full of action and bravery Robert the Bruce succeeded in winning against England.  Now the film “Robert the Bruce” will start right from there where the prequel ended.  Angus Macfadyen, a Scottish actor who played role of Robert the Bruce in Braveheart will reprise his role in this film.


In Order to Know How Robert the Bruce Himself a Real Scottish Patriot and Became the Scottish King, Must Watch an Epic Historical Drama “Robert the Bruce” !


Angus Macfadyen as Robert the Bruce
Jared Harris as John Comyn
Anna Hutchison as Morag
Patrick Fugit as Will
Zach McGowan as Brandubh
Gabriel Bateman as Scot
Talitha Bateman as Iver
Emma Kenney as Briana
Shane Coffey as Finley
Kevin McNally as Sean
Melora Walters as Ylfa
Diarmaid Murtagh as James Douglas


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