Stargirl TV Series All details regarding Its Release Date, Plot, and Cast Stars

DC Universe is coming with its new series that centers the story of a Stargirl. The Production company of Stargirl is Warner. Bros, but release network is DC Universe. It is an Upcoming American TV Series that created by Geoff John and Lee Moder. The series will grace the screen in early 2020 On DC Universe.

Stargirl TV Series 2019

Genre: Drama Superhero

Release Date: Production has started on 14 March 2019 in Marietta, Georgia So we will get this series in hand in early 2020 on DC Universe.

stargirl tv series

First, it was indicated that the series would come in late 2019 may be in September or October, but now it’ll be on screen in 2020.

The first episode titled has been set ” Pilot” which is written by Geoff and directed by Glen Winter. However, The first episode release date is not confirmed yet.

Premise of Stargirl TV Series 2019

Basically, the series is all about a girl named Courtney Whitmore who discovers a powerful cosmic staff. She appears as the inspiration of the new generation of the superhero.

Courtney is a smart athletic and kind girl who has a perfect life, but her ideal life hits when her mother Barbara gets married and moves from Los Angeles to Blue Valley Nebraska with the new family.

Besides, She struggles with her new step-family, makes new friends, and discovers that her stepfather has a secret. She will be the very first superhero who assembles her team for the Justice Society of America.

Barbara Whitmore is her mother and jumping back into the workforce to become the best mother as well as the provider of everything which her daughter wants. She is now living with her new husband and stepson.


Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore/Supergirl
Anjelica Washington
Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore
Yvette Monreal
Christopher James Baker
Neil Hopkins as Lawrence
Nelson Lee as Dragon King
Joy Osmanski as Paula Brooks
Cameron Gellman
Neil Jackson
Hunter Sansone
Trae Romano as Mike Dugan

Leading Roles of Stars

Brec Bassinger
Brec is playing the role of Stargirl as Courtney Whitmore, who is a high school sophomore and discovers a tremendous cosmic staff and becomes a hero.
Amy Smart
Amy smart will appear as Barbara Whitmore, who is the mother of Stargirl and wants to become the best mother and provider for her daughter.

Luke Wilson
Luke will play the role of Pat Dugan, who is the stepfather of Courtney. Once he was a sidekick when known as the young hero as the Star-Spangled Kid and after that Starman of Justice Society of America.

Mike Dugan
He is step-brother of Courtney and would play as Trae Romano.

Joy Osmanski
Joy, as Paula is a member of Injustice society who kills the most dangerous humans in the world.

Neil Hopkins
He is playing the role of sportmaster named Lawrence and a member of the Injustice Society. He considers that all the targets are a part of the game.

Nelson Lee
A controversial scientist of Injustice Society, Nelson as Dragon King hides his face and experiments on himself as well as on his patients too.

Still, some characters roles are not cleared by DC Universe in which Neil Jackson and Hunter Sansone included. However, We’ll mention their characters when the production company would update it.

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