Everything you Need to Know About “Tales of the City”

Tales of the City, an American Web Miniseries Based on  Armistead Maupin’s Novel Series to Hit the TV Screen Once Again with the Release of Season 2 in 2020!

TALES OF THE CITY ( 2019 Mini Series )

Genre: Drama

Tales of the City, an American 2019 Web TV Drama Miniseries follows the story-line based on a series of 9 novels. The series of novels was written by Armistead Maupin. For the first, viewers got the “Tales of the City” in a serialized version. Moreover, multiple radio adaptation of the series also came up then. However, in 1993, the Tales of the City hit the TV screen with a release of a miniseries on PBS.


The 2019 miniseries focus on the life story of Mary Ann, Anna Madrigal, Michael Tolivar, Brian Hawkins, Shawna, Jake, Margot, and Ben. All the characters of the series belong to 28 Barbary Lane, a residential place in Sans Francisco. Different aspects of human life including complex relationships such as homosexual relations enlighten through this series. Season 1 hits the web screen, Netflix on June 7, 2019. It gave the viewers an array of 10 episodes.

However, viewers are excited to have another range of dramatic sequences of ‘Tales of the City”. So, here the blasting-news roars that the makers have set the series for another season. As per expectation, Season 2 of “Tale of the City”, miniseries will hit the web screen, Netflix in 2020.


Laura Linney 

She plays the role of Mary Ann Singleton. Mary Ann is the adoptive mother of Shawna. There seem to be an alienated and estranged mother-daughter between Mary and Shawna. Mary Ann left her husband and daughter 20 years ago for her career. Hence, in season 1 of the series, Mary Ann appears to return back to San Francisco after 20 years. However, Laura Linney reprised her role in 2019 miniseries from the previous 1993 miniseries.

Ellen Page

She plays the role of Shawna Hawkins. She is adopted daughter of Mary Ann and Brian Hawkins.

Paul Gross

He reprises his role of  Brian Hawkins. Brian is Mary Ann’s ex-husband and adoptive father of Shwana.

Murray Bartlett

He appears in the miniseries as Michael “Mouse” Tolliver. He is the best friend of  Mary Ann from 28 Barbary Lane. Michael has a homosexual relationship with a guy, named Ben.

Charlie Barnett

He plays the role of Ben Marshall. Ben is the boyfriend of Michael. Both Micheal and Marshal shares a homosexual relationship with each other.


She appears in the miniseries as Jake Rodriguez. Jake is a transgender man. He is the caregiver of Anna who is owner of 28 Barbary Lane.

May Hong

He plays the role of Margot Park. She is the girlfriend of a transgender man, Jake.

Olympia Dukakis

She reprise her role of Anna Madrigal. She is a 90-year-old transgender woman and the landlady of 28 Barbary Lane.

Barbara Garrick 

She plays the role of DeDe Halcyon Day. She is a socialite and a good friend of Mary Ann. In the miniseries, Margot owns love interest (homosexual love) for DeDe.

It will be highly intense to watch Tales of the City Miniseries Season 2 on Netflix in the upcoming year, 2020. It is expected the series will continue bringing up new burning turns and twists to highlight the reality in a dramatic way. However, it is yet to confirm what will be the exact date for the release of miniseries season 2. Although, the same cast and characters with the possibility of some new faces and life stories will appear in the miniseries season 2.




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