When They See Us | A story to Highlight the Events of 1989 Central Park Jogger Case

Netflix brings up the story of the 1989 Central Park Jogger Case which involves the rape of a white woman, and attack on other eight people in Manthan’s Central Park, by debuting a miniseries titled “When They See us”.

When They See Us | A story to Highlight the Events of 1989 Central Park Jogger Case

when they see us

Genre: Drama


This Miniweb series is based on the events that took place back in 1989 in the North Woods of Manthan’s Central Park.                                                                                                                                                                                                        The events involved in the assassination and rape of a white woman who was jogging in the park, and an attack on 8 people at night in the park. Thus, the case is still called “Central Park Jogger Case“. 5 young men including 4 Africans and an American man were taken under custody and then imprisoned being blamed for the rape and assassination of the lady, and attack on the people. In 2001, the truth revealed that the 5 men were not guilty of the crimes regarding Central Park Jogger Case rather it was a serial rapist Matias Reyes who was responsible for all those happenings. On his confession, all the 5 men were released then.

RELEASE DATE: The Series was premiered on May 31, 2019.


When They See Us, an American Drama Mini Web Series which premiered on Netflix is based on happenings of 1989 Central Park Jogger Case. The series follows the lives of 5 young men who have been taken under custody, as they are being suspected for the assault and rape of a lady, and attack on 8 people in a park.

The 5 youngsters are the protagonists of the story. The series is the depiction of their lives’ struggle after being imprisoned on such blames which they were never guilty of. The 5 men were then released at the end when a serial rapist confesses his crime that he was the one who raped the lady and attacked the people in the park. DNA sample found from lady’s body also matches with the criminal.

Thus, the 5 of them were released. All of the blames were taken back and the state has freed them from the guilt. They also filed a case against the city for convicted them under the wrong blames. However, in 2014 they were rewarded with the settlement.

The series also follows their lives after getting released from the prison as how they get settled including their work, marriage, etc. By the end, 4 of them migrated from the city to somewhere else to settle in a new place moving ahead in life.



The miniseries consisted of 4 episodes. All of the episodes aired on 31 May 2019 on Netflix. Titled Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part 4, respectively.

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